3 Reasons To Private Label Beard Oil

Grooming products aren’t just for women anymore. In fact, more men are now purchasing personal care items to help them look their best.

In the United States, the men’s grooming products industry is expected to top over $21 billion in 2016. One of those products contributing to this immense growth is beard oil.

 If your company is looking to expand your product line, increase sales, and bring in more customers, then now is the time to consider private labeling beard oil. Take a look at three reasons we think your company should private label beard oil.

Men’s Grooming Product Industry Is Increasing

2016 may be the year where men finally realize that skincare and hair products are a worthwhile investment. The market for beard-care products has been primed by men who are now embracing skin-care regimens.

Men are starting to get more and more knowledgeable about beauty and are paying attention to their looks. They are also actively looking for products that will serve their own specific purposes.

With sales in 2016 expected to top more than $21 billion, the opportunity for beard oil and other men’s grooming products is now.

Expand Your Product Line

private label beard oil is the bridge between hair care and skin care products

Beard-care products form a bridge between haircare and skincare regimens. Because this category is so new, it’s the perfect time to enter and expand your company’s product line. Private labeling is the easiest way to expand your product line to include beard oil because most private label manufacturers have formulas ready to use. All you have to do is put your label on the formula and start selling.

When you choose a private label manufacturer, you’ll still maintain your own brand identity. The manufacturer puts your labels, business name, and logo on the packaging. This gives the appearance that you manufactured the product yourself.

private label beard oil scents

Meet Customer Demand

Sales for men’s grooming products are increasing year over year, which means your loyal customers may start asking for beard oil. When you choose to private label, you can quickly and easily get your product into the hands of your customers. Because a private label manufacturer has pre-made formulas, there’s no worry about waiting months, or even years, to get product to the consumer.

Contact Vox Nutrition today to find out how you can get started with beard oil. We can help you enter the beard oil market and start selling as soon as possible.

Reasons To Private Label Beard Oil
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Reasons To Private Label Beard Oil
Beard oils are rising in popularity and becoming one of the fastest selling products in the market. See the many reasons to private label beard oil products
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  1. charles says:

    Can you recommend a company that can make matching beard balm to your oils? Or is your company capable of doing that also?