Hair Oils

Hair Oils have been in the top 5 best hair care products for the last 5 years, and is widely recommended by hair care specialists. Making the demand for Hair oils to continually grow in popularity throughout the world and in the U.S. since 2011. With so many benefits hair oil products offer we expect this supplement to be one of the top private label products this year.

Benefits Of Hair Oils

Our private label Hair oils are formulated with an industry high of 9 different carrier oils. Including argan oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, Avocado oil, Sweet almond, Jojoba and much more. Our Hair Oils perfect hair care supplement to help give your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs to be smooth, soft and radiant while repairing damaged hair. Helping you give your customers the healthy hair they are dreaming of.

  • Stimulates hair Growth
  • Treats Split ends and Frizziness
  • Helps eliminate knots and tangles
  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Makes Hair Softer, Smooth
  • Moisturizes hair with no leftover residue

Skin Care Product Description

Private Label Hair Oil Scents

Call For A QuoteOur line of Hair oils come in a fragrance free scent for those looking to have all the benefits that these oils provide but may have sensitive skin or don’t wish for a scented oil. For those looking to have the true smell of tranquility and delight, below are our different private label scented hair care oils.

private label hair oil coconut scented hair care supplement private label hair oil eucalyptus mint scented hair care supplement private label hair oil peach grapefruit scented hair care supplement private label hair oil oatmeal and honey scented hair care supplement private label hair oil bergamot vanilla scented hair care supplement
The sweet, delicious, and refreshing fragrance of pure soothing coconut scents.
Eucalyptus Mint
The invigorating and relaxing scent of cool eucalyptus mint, to help you relax.
Peach Grapefruit
A sweet and irresistible scent melody of sweet peaches and crisp grapefruit.
Oatmeal & Honey
The warm, comforting scent of creamy oatmeal & honey to invigorate your day.
 Bergamot Vanilla
The perfect combination of exotic woody bergamot with a hint of sweet vanilla
private label hair oil hawaiian flowers hair care supplement private label lavender lemon scented hair care supplement private label hair oil orange blossom scented hair care supplement private label hair oil cherry rose hair care supplement private label hair oil unscented hair care supplement
Hawaiian Flowers
A beautiful combinations of scents from the exotic tropical flowers of the Hawaiian Islands.
 Lavender Lemon
The irresistible freshness scents of lavender and lemon perfectly blended in one fantastic scent.
Orange Blossom
The soft and soothing fruity floral scent that can only come from fresh orange blossoms.
Cherry Rose
The light & alluring scent of the first blossoms of spring with a hint of cherry.
No scent – Perfect for those wanting the benefits of hair oil without the scent.


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Private Label Options:

Scents Coconut, Eucalyptus mint, Peach Grapefruit, Oatmeal & Honey, Bergamot Vanilla, Hawaiian Flowers, Lavender Lemon, Orange Blossom, Cherry Rose, Unscented
Size: 1oz bottles
Bottle Colors: Amber Bottles